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St. John, Virgin Islands. Luba Dolgopolsky at Ocean Grill and Lauren at Morgan’s Mango

This week JazzNights went to St John, Virgin Islands and found two wonderful musicians Luba Dolgoplsky and Lauren singing in two restaurants at Mongoose Junction.

Smalls, The Vocal Duet Series, Marianne Solivan, December 13, 7:30pm

Smalls, Monday, December 6, Freddie Bryant, The Ari Hoenig Group

Smalls is a great jazz club hidden underground in Greenwich Village. It is a small place that even on Monday night is full of jazz aficionados. Freddie Bryant and The Ari Hoenig Group were playing last night and both were fantastic.

excerpt from “Alone” by Maya Angelou

Smoke, Smoke Big Band, Monday, November 29, 2010